Betsy will always put the needs of the middle class first, not corporations or special interests. As we continue to rebuild and grow our economy, Betsy understands that we have to stay focused on job creation, support our small businesses, and invest in the future. Illinoisians want a local economy that creates a good life for their families and can support future generations. 

Betsy will work to:

  • Create real tax reform for the middle class and small businesses that will grow the local economy
  • Invest in upgrading and moderninzing infrastructure including: roads, bridges, electrical grids, waterways, and pipeline distribution systems 
  • Make small business loans easier to get and increase small businesses' access to government contracts
  • Lower the small business tax rate and curb increasing costs
  • Expand funding for agricultural technology and business startups
  • Advocate for partnerships between high schools and trade unions to encourage movement toward apprenticeships and trade jobs
  • Raise the cap on employer-provided tuition assistance to help companies cover tuition costs and advanced training for employees

Betsy is proud to be endorsed by the AFL-CIO and the United Steelworkers' Union

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