As a former teacher and a mother of three, Betsy believes that a quality education opens doors for better lives. She wants to make sure that a good secondary education isn't out of reach for middle class families. Whether it is an apprenticeship, community college, four-year university,  or mid-career retraining, Betsy wants students of all ages prepared for the changing work force.

Betsy will work to:

  • Make public colleges and universities more affordable and allow those with crushing student loan debt to refinance
  • Raise the child tax credit to 18 so parents can allocate that money towards educational costs
  • Open avenues for paying off existing student debt including making it easier for employers to offer student loan repayment as an employee benefit and lowering interest rates
  • Encourage two-year and four-year colleges to expand income share agreement programs so students pay for tuition costs through jobs secured post-college
  • Allow colleges to incorporate "student ambassadors" into their work-study programs to mentor high school seniors through the college application and financial aid process
  • Incentivize businesses to fund continuing education by introducing a tax credit for money contributed to a 529 account for an employee or an employee’s child
  • Raise the cap on employer-provided tuition assistance to help companies cover tuition costs and advanced training for employees
  • Preserve higher-education benefits, such as employer contributions, deduction of tuition and qualified educational expenses and allow companies to cover the cost of a college education at community colleges and other partner institutions for working students
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